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Audition Results

We are beyond excited to announce the cast of our upcoming production of


We are so excited to announce the cast of our upcoming production of The Full Monty!

Director: Michael Donovan

Music Director: Evan Cuddy

Choreographer: Tess McLaughlin

Producer: Tracy Pratt

Stage Manager: Alexandra Garbeck

Jerry Lukowski - Lucas Perry

Pam Lukowski - Jessica Libby

Nathan Lukowski - Carter Simpson

Dave Bukatinsky - Ryan Lane

Georgie Bukatinsky - Alexandra Magnaud

Harold Nichols - Alex Pratt

Vicki Nichols - Amy Torrey

Malcolm Macgregor - Tommy Waltz

Ethan Girard - Stanley Kimball

Noah "Horse" T. Simmons - Thomas Smallwood

Jeanette Burmeister - Nancy Durgin

Buddy "Keno" Walsh - Dan Copeland

Estelle - Lindsay Braverman

Susan/Molly - Whitney Brown

Joannie - Chelsea Miller

Teddy Slaughter - Logan Merrithew

Reg - Ian Ashland

Ensemble - Erin Adams Chanler, Cory Albert-Osborne, Ian Ashland, Jeff Campbell, Dan Copeland, Abram Dwyer, Andrew Goodwin, Jude Leaver, Logan Merrithew

Thank you everyone Who came out to audition for us! We hope to see you all again at future auditions.

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