Audition Announcements:

We are thrilled to announce auditions for God of Carnage!

May 1st and 2nd
2:00 to 5:00 PM
The Portland Players, 420 Cottage Road, South Portland

Social Distancing and Masks will be enforced.
Video Submissions allowed - send to

Cast of Characters below:

(Age Range 30+) At first she seems like the most benevolent of the bunch. Instead of resorting to litigation regarding her son Bruno’s injury, she believes that they can all come to an agreement about how Ferdinand should make amends for his attack. Of the four principles, Veronica exhibits the strongest desire for harmony.

(Age Range 30+) At first, Michael seems eager to create peace between the two boys and perhaps even bond with the Reilles. He offers them food and drink. He is quick to agree with the Reilles, even making light of the violence, commenting on how he was a leader of his own gang during his childhood.

(Age Range 40+) Ferdinand’s mother is constantly on the brink of a panic attack. In fact, she vomits twice during the course of the play. Unfortunately, the pressures of motherhood and household have eroded her self-confidence. Annette feels abandoned by her husband who is eternally preoccupied with work. Alan is glued to his cell phone throughout the play, until Annette finally loses control and drops the phone into a vase of tulips. Annette is the most physically destructive of the four characters.  

(Age Range 40+) Alan might be the most stereotypical character of the group in that he is modeled after other slimy lawyers from countless other stories. He is the most openly rude because he frequently interrupts their meeting by talking on his cell phone. His law firm represents a pharmaceutical company that is about to be sued because one of their new products causes dizziness and other negative symptoms. He claims that his son is a savage and doesn’t see any point in trying to change him. He seems the most sexist of the two men, often implying that women have a host of limitations.

Show dates are June 11 to June 26.

Portland Players is dedicated to the casting and inclusion of people of color, all gender identities, and all abilities, within our community. As such, for God of Carnage, we are actively seeking people of color, varying gender identities, and all abilities to audition. These roles are not race, gender, or identity specific and can be played by any actor.

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